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  1. The late notification of fixtures is disappointing and frustrating and is something which needs to be addressed.

    Further, while teams cannot wait to get back on ice those teams which have an early start i.e. 1st September could be up against it due to some players still on holiday where as others starting later have the advantage of having ALL there players available and a longer period of training for new players to adapt.

    Enjoy the season.
    Kind Regards Mr Tomlin

    • Hiya David, yes completely agree with you, and year on year we always try and get it better. As you will probably appreciate the number of teams in each league together with trying to arrange ice time all lead to a tight spot to get fixtures confirmed and released. Its a tough one but completely agree it should be out sooner……. but understand why things are late 🙁

      All the best

    • Hi David

      Thanks for the comment. As the fixtures secretary for the club I just wanted to answer some of your points here as I understand the frustration.

      The arrangement of fixtures is co-ordinated by the EIHA – as a club we are required to submit our available ice time and our ‘unavailable dates’ (which were requested from the coaching and management teams at the end of season coaches meeting). We also need to be available from the outset of the season which is the 1st of September – as are all clubs when you consider the pressures around ice time that I’ll also go into.

      We are fortunate that we have 2 pads and if we were happy to use Pad 2 for games then that would definitely afford us more flexibility but, and again I appreciate the point, we would rather all games be played on Pad 1. This isn’t only for our players but also for family and friends to be able to enjoy the viewing experience as opposed to the feedback we have had for games on Pad 2 previously. This adds a little bit of pressure to our fixtures as we share the Pad on these days with other teams, skating clubs etc so the slots available are finite and we can only submit what we have available (you’ll notice a distinct lack of home games in December as a good example) but unlike last season where snow etc caused us to have to move games we also want to try and spread these as fairly across the groups to avoid large gaps in home games (though this can be unavoidable due to league sizes and end dates – Div 1 generally finishes in April).

      The EIHA representative then completes these – with that there is an order that these need to be followed to ensure getting everything in which is generally – (EIHL – will always have their fixtures meeting before the EIHA so we can’t work on any fixtures until they have taken their ice) NIHL 1, NIHL 2, Women, U9s, U20s, U18s, U15s, U13s and then U11s but as you can appreciate some of these age groups have more than one league.

      As you can imagine if there are delays to any of these then it bumps the remainder back. I would love to say that all leagues have gone swimmingly but as validation of your point – they haven’t. We have had an NIHL team withdraw, the uncertainty around what clubs will be able to support U20s teams and then the usual unavailability of ice time that clubs suffer from for example Chelmsford’s rink closing for the middle of the season, Basingstoke not having any mid-season home slots for their U18s and Okanagan going on tour etc (and that’s discounting clubs asking for adjoining age groups not to play on the same day to allow the opportunity to play up etc and the general review process that follows the initial draft of these).

      Though it doesn’t help with your original point re the lateness of these being released, and again I totally share that opinion, I hope it has given yourself (and anyone else who shares these frustrations) as to why this happens.

      As always though happy to discuss in more length and have included my e mail for any further correspondence but as I say your point is truly valid, and is one that is shared, but is also one we are working as hard as possible to mitigate

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