CJDIHC Adopts ADMKids!

After a couple of seasons researching and evaluating tried and tested systems, I keep coming back to the USA Hockey’s ADMKids model! We have previously dipped in and out of this model, but as from today the coaching team at u9, u11 and u13 will be fully adopting this model!

For full details about the model and the practice plans that we will be running, please feel free to take a look around the ADMKids website http://www.admkids.com/

The equivalent practices
The age group head coaches will follow the ADMKids practices as close as possible. However, there will be times when modifications will be required/inevitable for various reasons (for example – player and coach availability, specific objectives and focuses for the age groups, taking time out for player testing and evaluations, in house games, etc)

U9s – ADMKids 8 and Under
U11s – ADMKids 10 and Under
U13s – ADMKids 12 and Under
Goalies – ADMKids 10 and Under (and as advised by our Goalie Coaches)

A brief overview about ADMKids
USA Hockey’s age-appropriate, age-specific programming promotes the integration of high-performance cross-ice practices and games into junior hockey. This programming enhances players’ skills, creativity and participation level, while also creating a positive environment for every child to play, love, excel and reach their full potential.

With the increased engagement, puck touches and playing time they’ll get in station-based practices, children remain active throughout the entire session. And the more active we keep them, the more enjoyable their experience. Plus, they’ll benefit from more reps in a station-based practice, leading to more efficient skill development.

At the end of the day, what matters most is how much they love the game and how much they’ve enhanced their skills.

If you have any questions about ADMKids, please just ask


Andrew Lloyd
Lead Coach
Cardiff Junior Devils

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