Interested in joining our CJDIHC Coaching team?

Reaching out to all budding coaches

Are you interested in becoming a coach and joining the CJDIHC coaching team? If so, please let me know asap. Alternatively, if you know of anyone that would like to be considered, please provide me with their details by emailing me on

With our very healthy problem of having so many players in our club and the growing interest in our Learn to Play programme, another problem is created,,,who is going to coach all these players?! Therefore, we have to ensure the coaching team grows in tandem and proportionately to our player demand. Our team is currently at bursting point, and many of our volunteers are having to give up more and more of their time. Next season our aim is to enter teams again at u9, u11, u13, u15 and u18, but this is heavily dependent on our coaching team resources. So come on guys, if you have some experience in playing the game, or have a background in coaching/teaching and are able to skate reasonably well, then don’t let your skills go to waste, let’s pass them onto our future stars!

If you are concerned about commitment, then please don’t let this put you off. As part of the coaching team you will only be asked to volunteer for sessions that fits in with your personal circumstances. We will work around you!

I am working closely with other Hockey clubs in Cardiff in an attempt to bring the coaching course to our barn! So watch this space. Alternatively the EIHA holds national coaching courses throughout the year (see for details of upcoming courses)

Minimum Proficiency to attend Coaching Courses

: (
To attend and pass an EIHA coaching course you must be able to execute the following on ice with proficiency and under control:

– Skate forward
– Carry out tight turn in both directions
– Stop moving in all directions
– Skate backwards
– Crossover efficiently forwards and backwards
– Pivot forwards to backwards and backwards to forward
– Stop on both feet forward & backward

Must show a good understanding of the mechanics of shooting
Must be able to demonstrate stick handling and passing and pass receiving elements to a competent standard.
Demonstrate an understanding of teaching techniques as applied in teaching progressions. (Whole part whole).

I hope to hear from a few of you soon!

Thank You

Cardiff Junior Devils

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